WSAU Program Schedule

Weekday Schedule
5am - 8am The WSAU Wisconsin Morning News
8am - 9am WSAU Feedback with Seth Mela and Tom King
9am - 11am The Jerry Bader Show
11am - 2pm The Rush Limbaugh Show
2pm - 5pm The Sean Hannity Show
5pm - 8pm The Mark Levin Show
8pm - 11pm America Now with Andy Dean
Midnight - 5am Coast to Coast Live with George Noory

Saturday Schedule
12m - 5am Coast to Coast with Art Bell
5am - 7am Best of Polka Time America
7am - 8am Wisconsin Weekend
8am - 9am Making Financial Sense
9am - 10am Jeff Heinz Polka Party
10am - 12n Polka Time America
12n - 3pm The Weekend
3pm - 6pm Rush Limbaugh's Week in Review
6pm - 7pm The Big Wild
7pm - 10pm Saturday Night America
10pm - The Best of Coast to Coast AM

Sunday Schedule
12m - 7am Coast to Coast with Art Bell
7am - 8am The Big Wild
8am - 830a First Presbyterian Church
830a - 9am The Lutheran Hour
9am - 10am Zion Lutheran Church
10a - 12n At Home with Gary Sullivan
12n - 3pm Sean Hannity Encore
3pm - 6pm Moneytalk with Bob Brinker
6pm - 9pm The Mark Levin Show
9pm - Sunday Live with Bill Cunningham